Do I Need Planning Permission For A Carport Or Canopy?

So, you want to invest in a good shelter for your car but you’re on a budget and don’t want to break the bank.

Chances are, you probably don’t want to stretch to a big garage build, and if anything, you probably don’t have the time or the energy to deal with the hassle that planning permission might bring.

Instead, you’ve decided you want a carport or a canopy, but do you need planning permission for one of those?

The answer is easier than you might think, and the experts at A to Z Canopies are here to help.

Canopy Planning Permission

A2Z canopy installation cantilever carport

Hassle-Free Carport Planning

Carports and canopies are fabulous alternatives to expensive garage builds as they still provide excellent cover for a range of vehicles and are, as you can imagine, considerably less expensive.

But a carport is not only great for protecting your car from the elements, it also serves as a great place to do work on a vehicle, as the sheeting used in many of our installations is 87% transparent.

This helps to block harmful UV rays, protecting both you and your car and allowing you to do maintenance with minimum fuss.

Another great advantage – and one that is sure to come in handy here in the UK – is that they are great when it starts to rain, as they allow you to carry on about your business without worrying about getting wet.

But, the big question is, do you need planning permission for a carport?

Well, the short answer is, no, probably not.

Because carports and canopies come under the same regulations as other outbuildings they are ‘Permitted Developments’, so you won’t need to gain planning permission from your local authority.

But hang on a minute…

Designing carports for all situations

So first up, when will you NOT require planning permission (that’s the important part, right?)

When Do I Not Need Planning Permission For My Carport?

You WILL NOT require planning permission for your carport provided you adhere to the following guidelines –

  • The ground area that is covered by the carport is less than half the total area of your property.
  • The height of your carport does NOT exceed 4m (13ft approx).
  • The maximum eaves height of the carport is 2.5m (8ft approx) if it remains within 2m (6ft 6.7”) of the property boundary.
  • It isn’t being erected on the land forward of the walls that form the principal elevation of the structure.
  • There are no raised platforms or balconies that form part of the structure.
  • If you live in a National Park or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the maximum area covered by the carport DOES NOT exceed 10sqm (108sq ft) and is no further than 20m (65ft) from the property.

Now that we have that boxed off, what about when you WILL require permission for your new carport?

Designing carports for all situations

Planning permission IS GOING TO BE REQUIRED if your project fits into one of the following:

Erect Walls

You want to erect it on land that is forward of the wall that forms the principal elevation of the property.

Double Story Carport

You want to build a ‘double-storey’ carport with a balcony and an overhang (really? Why would you?).

Listed Building.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a listed building.

The last of those is really quite important.

ANY outbuilding like a carport, garage or canopy WILL require planning permission if it is adjoining a listed building.

So that’s about all you need to know about carports and planning permission.

Like we said, there are a few limitations, but not too many to trouble you, we don’t think.

To learn more just visit the UK Planning Portal to find out about planning permissions for carports, canopies and other outbuildings.

And, if you know you don’t need planning permission for your carport, why not drop us a line to discuss your requirements?

Our team of experts is always on hand to give you friendly advice and know-how and help you create a carport that lasts – perfect for any weather!

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